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WEA Command Center
The heart of every WEA base.
Can build SCDs.
WEA Power Plant
Hybrid power plant.
Uses solar panels on day maps, and wind turbines on night maps.
Provides power for WEA bases in the early game.
WEA Supply Center
Collects supplies for the WEA.
Can build SCDs
WEA Barracks
Trains all WEA soldiers.
WEA War Factory
Builds all WEA ground vehicles.
WEA Air Center
Builds all WEA aircraft.
Tier 2 tech structure.
Armed with a photon howitzer, and 3 photon cannons.
Unlocks tier 2 units and upgrades.
Solar Furnace
Tier 2 power plant.
Generates a LOT of power.
Can be upgraded to generate even more power.
WEA Research Center
Tier 3 tech structure.
Unlocks tier 3 units and upgrades.
Eye in the Sky Uplink
Satelite uplink facility.
Periodically reveals enemies on the radar.
Can be upgraded with different modules to give it additional abilities.
Recycling Center
WEA secondary economy.
Generates credits over time.
Can use recycled materials to upgrade WEA units.
Helios Uplink
WEA Superweapon.
Fires a powerful solar beam.


WEA Wall
Blocks enemy movement.
Artemis Defense
Support structure.
Can be upgraded with different modules to give it different abilities.


Basic rifle infantry.
Can be refited with sniper rifles.
Phalanx Trooper
Basic anti-tank infantry.
Armed with a personal railgun.
AA Defender
Basic anti-air infantry.


Supply and construction drone.
Builds all wea buildings and gathers supplies.
Medical Drone
Heals infantry.
Built from the barracks.
Support Vehicle.
Clears garrisons.
Can deploy foxholes.
Can deploy to repair vehicles and aircraft.


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