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American Confederacy

Predicting the total disaster, the United States army moved most of its forces to the Canadian border. Immediately after the impact and the Yellowstone disaster, Canada became the new home of the American survivors, but in the disaster they lost both NORAD and much of their Atlantic fleets as well as almost half of their ground and air forces. The US military had a new agenda. Using their superior military power and most important their political puppets within the Canadian government, they forced the Canadian government to step down, and by the end of 2038 Canada along with the few remaining states of USA formed the American Confederacy. Due to their location and weather conditions, the AC had no way to survive in the long run. Lack of food and overall resources, forced the AC government to take action.

April 2038 - a massive AC invasion force invaded what was left of Brazil. Having the superior technology and troops as well as the element of surprise, AC forces overwhelmed the Brazilian army and within 2 months, they took over. Brazil became the prime colony of the American Confederacy. Because Brazil was in total chaos after the disaster, most of the Brazilian population took the AC occupation as a positive thing, welcoming their imposed order. Using a strong propagandistic program, a still very strong military, and the chaotic situation that was there before their arrival, the AC forces managed to take out all of the resistance movements in Brazil within a year. (The fact that most of the population saw the resistance as anarchists and enemies of the state was a contributing factor) The main advantage of this invasion was that the USA gained access to harvestable land and living space, as well as enough resources to jump-start their military and infrastructure reconstruction.

By 2040 Brazil became a semi stable country. Its neighbor Argentina however was still under anarchy. Local drug lords and deluded former military generals took over and split the spoils. People were killed if they didn't follow orders, health care was almost non-existent and hunger was killing thousands.

October 2041 - AC forces invade Argentina and by the end of 2042 the whole country is 'liberated' and annexed to the AC.

1. Armor Command - Heavy ground vehicles and strong air-to-ground support. Limited infantry, defenses and air-to-air.
2. Airforce Command - Advanced drones, and heavy air units. Strong defenses. Limited ground units.

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