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Western European Alliance


The Western European Alliance is a military hegemony formed by the Western European Countries to better control the massive number of immigrants coming in from the East. Being one of the least affected by Deep Impact, the WEA is the most technologically superior faction and is the only factions with a working space program and access to Solar Furnace Technology. Having no choice but to lock themselves in due to the massive flow of immigrants seeking sanctuary within its borders and enemies seeking to take their solar furnace technology, the WEA has the smallest territory of all the factions. Being trapped in a confined area doesn't seem to matter much to it's citizens however, partly due to the very high quality of living brought by their advanced technology, but largely due to their government's strict policies about loyalty and obedience.


The WEA is a defensive faction relying an advanced weaponery like railguns, EMP, and even special energy weapons derived from their solar furnace technology called Solar Weapons to vaporize their opponents. The WEA is divded into 2 divisions: The Continental Defense Division - In charge of homeland security and maintenance of the Great WEA Wall, and The Mechanized Assault Division - In charge of all operations outside WEA territory.

The Continental Defense division relies on heavy fortifications and defensive units and prefers to wait out an opponent and obliterating them from orbit rather than rushing or attacking head on with units. Most of their units have defensive abilities such as deploying into bunkers or giving buffs to defences and generally rewards commanders who like to be patient and play it safe.

The Mechanized Assault division are for people who are sick of holding the line. While they still have formidable defensive structures, they are not as powerful as the Continantel Defences', however they more than make up for it with their higher offensive capabilities. They rely on combinations of heavy tanks and infantry to steamroll their opponenets into submission.

WEA Units and Buildings

Continental Defense Units and Buildings

Mechanized Assault Units and Buildings

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