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World Liberation Front

Fragments of GLA start to unify under a mysterious leader who calls himself “The Avenger”. His hatred for the western forces and his messages of war and unification gather many of the African survivors around him. Rumors suggest that he may be Deathstrike himself trying to bring back the glory of GLA, but in reality no one really knows who he really is. With a large fanatic force at his command this new leader forms the WLF - World Liberation Front. Their first act was a devastating attack on a ADF military base in Yemen in 2047 with the message that GLA is not gone, but stronger than ever. Soon after, sleeping dragons arise and join the WLF.

1. Cobra Cell - heavy use of toxins and AoE weapons/effects. Strong in good numbers and combinations. Weak as individuals.
2. Scorpion Cell - Heavy use of suicide and stealth. Ambush warfare. Weak in direct engagements.

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