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Asian Democratic Federation

With limited fossil fuel resources left (most were too deep to be accessible) both Russia and China faced a new possible energy crisis. While still rich in resources, the huge amount of immigrants as well as WEA’s massive “sunburn” left Asia crippled. On July 2044, in an attempt to take control of the situation, Russia, India and China formed “The United Asian Nations” or UAN for short.

August 2044 - January 2045 - UAN continues to expand including almost all Asian countries, reaching the borders of Thailand and Laos, which were controlled by AC forces in the south, Poland and Ukraine in the west and Iran in the south-west. With the growth of their power, UAN authorities started a more and more oppressive regime in order to control the huge population. Over the next 3 years the UAN's internal policies were getting to the point the population simply couldn't resist.

In the morning of 15th august, 2048, more than 60% of the UAN population turned on the oppressive government in a never before seen anti government rally. After 2 months of battles, with heavy losses on both sides, a truce was reached. The regime changed many of the oppressive policies and was forced to close some of the government institutions responsible for these oppressive acts, but still remained a military based one. The population was given a fake sense of freedom and safety while the government used an ever growing propaganda machine to keep an image of happiness. After the revolts, the name of the UAN was again changed to ADF - The Asian Democratic Federation.

1. Ballistics Command - Powerful artillery and heavy base defenses. Limited infantry and air units.
2. Infantry Command - Huge infantry variety and vehicles that enhance infantry combat. Lots of propaganda and ECM. Weak tanks and air units.

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